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What Running Teaches You About Life: Blog #1: Courage to Run

I never had the courage (nor felt the need) to share my view or opinion on a certain topic via social media before. Until now. Ever since running has become my foundation for a balanced life, i feel the intrinsic motivation to empower others to experience how running can bring joy to your life. ‘I don’t run to add days to my life, i run to add life to my days’ is a quote that i truly love. Even though there’s still a voice in my head saying ‘Who in the world is waiting to hear your running stories?’ today, i have the courage to just give it a try and publish my first ‘official’ blog!

My Road to Courage part I: The Road 2 Rotterdam

It all started after i crossed the finish line of the Rotterdam Marathon in 2018. It was such a humbling and overwhelming experience; the cramps, the demons in your head telling you to stop at 30K, the overall fatigueness of the body and mind.The amazing crowds but also the euphoric feeling of achieving something that always seemed impossible! The realization that after 5 months of hard work, motivation, perseverance, determination and ‘saying no’ to my favorite buttercream Chardonnay, you have achieved your bold GOAL. I was on an intense runner’s high, never ever expected that i would be able to pull this off within 4.30 hours. What a boost for my self confidence! Whilst i have always enjoyed playing sports, i was (and still am) known for my Bourgondien lifestyle :-) I love to wine and dine and enjoy the great restaurant scene in Amsterdam. Looking back, preparing for my first marathon has helped me finding a better balance between working hard to book progress and letting go to recover and recharge, both from a physical and mental perspective.

My Road to Courage part II: Amsterdam City run

Today, running is part of my lifestyle. Working in the fast paced travel tech environment and living in a crowded city, running brings me peace of mind. It provides me the opportunity to unwind, let go of stress and gives me the ability to see things in perspective. I would describe myself a ‘Resilient Runner’. I truly believe that when we make space for it, running allows us to grow and evolve into better versions of ourselves. Now it feels like the time is right to give back and empower others to experience how running can bring joy to your life. And what’s a better way to share my passion with others then to offer local running experiences with a tasteful twist in my beautiful hometown?

At Amsterdam City Run, a brand new startup, i bring all of me and everything i stand for in life together. By offering personal and authentic running experiences i want to empower people to experience Amsterdam in an active and social way. As i love to wine and dine as much as i love running, most of our running experiences are combined with a tasting.

I am thrilled to enter this new chapter in my life but also scared when i think about everything that could potentially go wrong. I am proud that i have the courage to just give it a try and see where this adventure will take me. Quoting my favorite author Brené Brown 'My motto is Courage over Comfort'.

Do you dare to be brave?

Now, i don’t say that everybody should run a marathon or build a startup. But i do challenge you to be brave and set yourself a running goal, whether it’s training for your first 5K race or develop your ability to connect the body and the mind during your run, whatever feels right for you. And remember: anything is possible with the right mindset and behavior!

Be brave, be courageous: the result is so rewarding!

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